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  • Deal Analyzer Spreadsheet                                                             $297 
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The hardest deal is the first. We help you get it done.

We wrote down our process and the steps we go through to find deals, find investors, get commitments, run due diligence, get the deal closed, operate the deal, refinance the deal, and more!


Throughout 15 sections and over 100 lessons, the course is a deep dive into all the steps in buying your first apartment building.

Scott Reed

I wasn't sure where to begin with multi family, So when this course was available I took the leap and bought it. Jennings and Yeadon don't give you hype, they give you practical information, explaining what they have seen work and not work. Need-to-know information is broken down into understandable sections, even giving you sample documents to structure your own deals around. After going through this course I feel like I have much better understanding and knowledge base for closing my first multi family deal.

Ilan Gilad

Jennings & Yeadon are absolute pros in the Multifamily space! Their course is thorough and comprehensive, packed with value and inspiration. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn more about apartment buying. Invest first in yourself and change your future!

Christal de Boer

I highly recommend this course by Yeadon and Jennings! With the tools and information I learned from their teaching, I was able to close my first deal...a 42 unit apartment building. Their teachings helped me find the deal, the financing, put it under contract, complete due diligence and successfully close. The cost of the course is well worth it and pays for itself in less than one month of cash flow! One of THE BEST decisions of my life was learning what is in this course


Our guarantee to you is that these lessons and strategies, when implemented, will make a difference in your life, and you will hit the ground running toward closing your first apartment deal. Action equals results. I've designed this training to specifically get you to take action.

If you are not satisfied -FOR ANY REASON- send an email within 30 days and we will promptly refund. No sales tactics, no arguments, just your money back ASAP.

These are the very same steps we took to start our journey to freedom by buying apartments using capital we raised from private investors.



Yours Today for $1,997!

Yeadon jumped into multifamily investing after he went through his first online course in how to get into the game.

In 2019 he found his first apartment deal. Eighteen units in a small town, and syndicated it with his partner, Jennings.

After the first deal, there was no going back. The possibilities exploded. He focused on operations and efficiency and grew assets under management from $1mil to $30mil over the next 18 months.

Yeadon’s passion is building cash flow in abundance to be able to have freedom and build a legacy for the future.

Jennings realized the power of cash flowing real estate early on, and decided to education himself on how to grow that business, not with single family homes, but by going after multifamily properties. He studied for years to learn the industry, taking multiple courses of several years.

He landed his first apartment deal in 2019 with a JV partnership. From there it grew until he now has a portfolio of 700+ unit so far! His passion is creating time freedom in his life so that he can focus on leaving a legacy for future generations.

Jennings wants others to experience the freedom that comes with investing in real estate.

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